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Brandon is a highly accomplished, efficiency-centric, and detailed IT professional. He has consistently taken on new challenges and developed creative solutions in direct and related fields. His career showcases innovative technical work leveraging Amazon Web Services. He has extensive experience in producing successful, cost-effective resolutions for any size problem on time and within budget. As a well seasoned expert with over 15 years experience he is uniquely qualified for nearly any task.

What they say about me...

Brandon is an exceptional Enterprise Architect with remarkable technical skills. Repeatedly, Brandon exceeds expectations with his ability to dive-in, troubleshoot, and resolve issues. Moreover, when given the time, Brandon proactively designs and implements architecture standards that are easy to use, perform well and have stood the test of time.

Dan Cooper

Chief Technology Officer

Brandon was part of the Managed Services team at Orion Health. I can’t speak highly enough of the impact that he had, not only on the team in terms of his technical skills on the hardware/infrastructure side, but on his willingness to learn new things and step up to challenges that he wasn’t 100% comfortable with. Not only would he come out the other side having completed what was asked of him, but his ability to retain the experience and apply it weeks, even months, later was invaluable in helping other team members over the same hurdles. His attention to detail, combined with his ability to communicate very effectively both verbally and in writing, make him a massive asset. I highly recommend Brandon for any position he might apply for.

Scott Goodare

Cloud Delivery Manager - KPMG

Brandon is great to work with. He is energetic and is always up for a challenge. He thinks outside the box and executes the assigned tasks with utmost professionalism. Brandon has a broad range of expertise in IT ranging from virtualisation design to Cloud setups, solution architecture and performance tuning of healthcare IT solutions. Brandon’s biggest strength, in my opinion, is the ability to work under pressure with multiple teams and delivering results. I wish him best of luck with his future endeavours.

Shahzad Ahmad

VP Cloud Operations - Nextgate

While he was at Orion Health, I had the pleasure of having Brandon work for one of my teams. He is a uniquely skilled talent who is comfortable in both a hands-on and design level and unafraid to speak up when he sees an issue, especially if he can provide a solution. As an architect, he is the type who will be hands on in the course of any kind of project, as well as developing full and complete documentation and mentoring junior technical resources. His focus was always on creating solutions that were not only elegant and cutting-edge, but could be smoothly operationalized for the production support teams. Additionally, he was excellent at presenting to customers in a manner that invoked trust and understanding. I would not only not hesitate to hire Brandon again, but leap at the opportunity.

Geoff Turi

VP Technical Operations - Ingenico Mobile Solutions

Brandon is a self-motivated and talented individual. He is always seeking a new challenge and enjoys in depth problem-solving. Brandon is also able to break technical details down into a manner that is easily understood by those who are non-technical. This skill is very useful when explaining a particularly complicated system to management or customers. His work ethic speaks wonders, typically putting in valuable time to solve a problem, finish a project, or assist the team in any way he can. In my 7-year IT career, I’ve never met an individual more dedicated to creating solutions, both simple and difficult. While I could rant and rave about Brandon’s technical aptitude, I don’t think it would do it justice. He is an honest, hard working, self-motivated individual who goes above and beyond a title or role. If he’s in unfamiliar territory, he’ll learn quickly and become very well versed in a short period of time.

Darren Joyce

Director of IT - YAM Technology

It would be easy to write a technical recommendation for Brandon, and anyone who talks with him can just as easily pick up on the breadth of his experience for themselves. That’s not what sets Brandon apart though. Brandon’s ability motivate people, and encourage them to rise up to the next level is something that’s hard to glean from a resume, but in my opinion is his top contribution to any place of business. When a project is due and the team is fighting impossible odds to deliver, Brandon is right there in the trenches, raising the morale of the group to work alongside him to get the tasks done. There is a particularly nasty project that I worked on with Brandon, and he was always the champion of praising work when it was good, and reminding the team of what they were capable of so they didn’t deliver substandard solutions. Brandon is not a manager giving commands from on high, but a leader that is fighting down in the weeds with the rest of the team. Brandon has been instrumental in helping me achieve personal and professional goals, certifications, and milestones that I don’t think I would have achieved if it weren’t for the good fortune of working together. I would highly endorse and recommend Brandon for any position by any company in the future, because Brandon will not only rise to the challenge, but bring everyone up with him.

Jesse Sparks

Solutions Architect - Cloud Reach